Reliant Surveyors has experience within the Plant & Machinery valuation sector across the region and we work regularly with banks, accountants, loss adjusters, insurance companies and others, across other geography.

Our team of experienced chartered engineers and registered valuers have sound knowledge and expertise in various sectors, because which enables us to provide clients with machinery and plant equipment valuation or movable asset valuation across the wide spectrum of sectors.

Our panel of skilled professionals will provide dedicated service to clients with accurate evaluations and reports. Our diverse experience in virtually every possible asset valuation arena will help clients take informed decisions in their business. Our certification and membership in professional appraisal organisations assure high standards of valuation and strict adherence to code of ethics and reporting.

We also value the Intangible and Intellectual Properties which often accompany the change in ownership of plants, machinery and equipment. Intangible Assets can be defined as nonphysical assets that grant rights and privileges and has value to the owner.

Our plant and machinery services include

We offer independent and impartial Redbook compliant valuations, so our clients can assess risk and appraise property assets with confidence.

We value property for banks, building societies and financiers lending on UAE real estate. We work with our clients, providing a bespoke service based on their requirements.

We provide purchase reports, which are bespoke and compliant with RICS Valuation – Global Standards (the ‘Red Book’) when an asset or portfolio is being purchased. Alongside our opinions of value, we provide advice in relation to the asset management opportunities and business strategy of the asset.

Our clients range from institutional funds, property companies, local authorities and private individuals.

We provide valuations for financial reporting and accounts purposes for a range of clients including pension funds, property companies, institutions, private individuals, local authorities and REITs.

The valuations are compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and can also be tailored to the local reporting standards.

Our reports can be produced on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, which provide up to date information and data on the performance of an asset or portfolio, whether it be for fund or accounting purposes.

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