Our Residential Property Valuation Dubai, UAE team has immense knowledge of the region and provides the “best valuation services” for your residential properties.

Our valuation reports conform to the highest professional standards as our valuation reports are in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Valuation – Global Standards 2022 (the ‘Red Book’) and the International Valuation Standards Council’s (IVSC) International Valuation Standards 2022.

We undertake a comprehensive research process in which we work closely with the local property agents and market industry professionals to ensure we are up to date with the current market trends and transactions. This enables us to provide accurate and high-quality residential valuations in Dubai with a reflection of market conditions. We offer to our clients, such as banks, bespoke lenders, and private offices, a fully personalized, focused, and senior level of service and commitment.

We provide complete spectrum of residential property valuation services in both freehold and non-freehold locations including but not limited to:

– Property and Portfolio Valuation          – Fund Valuation                             – Loan Security Valuation

– Market and Feasibility Studies              – Development appraisals             – Residential Build to Rent

– Cross border valuations                          – Mergers and Acquisitions           – Research – led analysis

– Due diligence                                            – Purchase and Sale                         – Loan book valuation

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