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Reliant Risk Management has been providing risk assessment reports for Plant and machinery for fire, machinery breakdown, safety audits etc.

Reliant surveyors is a leading global risk management consultancy – the first choice for the world’s most discerning organisations when they seek help managing their competitor, integrity, political and security risks.

Reliant provides the right information to facilitate sound decision making as we have developed a thorough understanding the challenges and dynamics of the market conditions.

Our consulting teams are led by individuals who have actual working experience on all sides of the insurance industry as risk managers, underwriters, wholesale brokers, retail brokers and consultants. From this experience, our team has gained an in-depth perspective and understanding of the insurance industry.

All our surveys are conducted by our highly qualified charted surveyors and by professional standards.

Our team of experienced risk professionals provide customized risk management consulting services to help you reduce risk and associated costs, ensure compliance and improve overall performance. We can work with you to develop a deeper understanding of your business vulnerabilities and exposures, and together we can protect your assets and minimize risk across your organization.

Making sense of risk doesn’t come naturally. Even executives with years of experience often have biases to overcome and blind spots to see through.

There’s nothing wrong with hoping for the best. But when most organizational losses result from strategic risks, it’s also critical to plan for the worst.

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