Property Valuation in Dubai: Importance of Valuation & How to Request | Expert Guide by Reliant Surveyors

Property Valuation in Dubai: Importance & How to Request | Expert Guid

What is a property valuation?

A property valuation is an assessment of your property’s value, based on the location, condition and segment of properties and multiple other factors. Your valuation will be carried out in person by a professional surveyor who will take notes and photographs, Property coordinates, nearby areas, etc… and then send you a valuation report.

Property valuation in Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market is vibrant and ever-evolving, making property valuation a critical aspect for investors, sellers, and buyers. Understanding the valuation (contact the best valuation advisor in Dubai)  is essential to making informed decisions and navigating the market effectively.

Understand the Need for Valuation

The purpose of valuation is to determine the worth of your property business assets portfolio and compare that to the current market price. This is done by trusted valuation companies like Reliant Surveyors for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Sales(setting realistic sale prices)
  • Buying (negotiating better deals)
  • Securing loans or mortgage documentation
  • Bringing on Investments
  • Property tax,
  • Wealth Report
  • Legal matters

How to Request Property Valuation in Dubai

Property valuation is an essential part of managing real estate properties. This service helps property owners to find the market value of their lands, residential apartments, villas or hotel apartments. Dubai Land Department (DLD) has played an important role in providing services to regulate the real estate market in the Emirate. Reliant Surveyors is one of the best valuation companies in Dubai providing valuation services since 1977, Regulated by Dubai, UAE Government, and RICS and RERA.
Reliant Group takes pride in its heritage, people and culture and offers its clients a comprehensive range of customized reports leveraging its dedicated, skilled, and multi-disciplinary team, which includes RERA- Approved valuers, MRICS Professionals, Chartered Engineers, and CEIV.

Understanding Property Valuation in Dubai: A Guide to Required Documentation

Property valuation in Dubai involves assessing a property’s market worth based on several criteria and factors. This assessment is pivotal, considering the lifelong impact of property investments. Requesting property valuation in Dubai aids buyers in making informed decisions, ensuring they comprehend the realistic market value for negotiating favorable deals.

Dubai’s property valuation services, offered by Reliant Surveyors, extend beyond determining market value. They assist in uncovering mortgage values, applicable taxes, and crucial property-related aspects. Moreover, these services empower buyers to project future market values and estimate potential returns on investment(ROI).

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the application process for property valuation services in Dubai.

Documentation Required for Property Valuation in Dubai, UAE

For property owners seeking valuation from Reliant Surveyors in Dubai, the following documents need to be submitted:

  • Real estate valuation request form
  • Letter from the owner
  • Copy of Owner’s Emirates ID card or passport
  • Copy of the municipality or planning map

=> Additional documents vary based on the type of real estate:

For vacant land within a major real estate project or its stages:

  • No objection certificate from the main building developer or bank
  • Sale or purchase agreement

For residential villas or buildings:

  • Built-up construction area
  • Detailed statement on the number of villas or building units
  • Expenses statement for the past three years
  • Ejari contracts for each building unit or villa

Moreover, the Reliant Surveyors service extends to valuing hotel buildings along with their land, requiring documentation such as:

  • Built-up construction area
  • Room rental value and facilities count
  • Detailed expense statement demonstrating net profits over the past three years
  • Hotel management contract
  • Tax letter from Dubai Municipality

Accurate property valuation in Dubai demands a thorough submission of these documents to ensure a precise assessment aligned with market standards.

Site Visit by professional surveyor/ Site Engineer

Once the valuation request is made, a professional surveyor or site engineer will conduct an on-site assessment. This expert will meticulously record notes, capture photographs, document property coordinates, and analyze planning maps, among other crucial details. Leveraging this information and market research, your valuation report, prepared by an RICS/ government-approved valuer, will be promptly delivered to you.

Post-Valuation Utilization

Explain how the property valuation certificate can be utilized. It offers valuable insights into a property’s worth, helping in negotiations, making informed investment decisions, securing loans, or complying with legal requirements.

Expert Assistance and Guidance

Encourage readers to seek professional guidance from valuation experts like Reliant Surveyors. Emphasize the value of their expertise in interpreting valuation reports and providing insights into Dubai’s dynamic real estate market.
Property valuation in Dubai isn’t just a transactional process; it’s a key factor in making informed decisions regarding real estate. Understanding its significance and navigating the valuation process effectively can significantly impact investment outcomes and transactions in Dubai’s flourishing real estate landscape.


Property Valuation in Dubai: Importance of Valuation & How to Request | Expert Guide by Reliant Surveyors