End-of-Year 2023 | Valuation of your UAE property or business asset portfolio.

End-of-Year 2023 | Valuation of your UAE property or business asset portfolio.

The year 2023 is near its end, and as an investor, it’s the perfect time to consider an end-of-year valuation for your UAE property or business asset portfolio.

With over 45+ years of expertise valuing properties and business assets across the region and regulated by RICS and RERA, Reliant Surveyors valuation and advisory team specialize in providing the latest market data trends with an accurate value that reflects the dynamic of UAE real estate market and businesses, helping you to shape your strategies for informed decision-making and well prepare for tax season.

The ethos of Reliant Surveyors (one of the best valuation firms in UAE)  focuses on ensuring the highest quality in each service domain, fostering trust among its clientele, which includes an array of entities such as financial institutions, local and international banks, insurance companies, developers, real estate brokers, and government entities. The firm’s commitment to quality is further reinforced by its regulation and accreditation by esteemed bodies like the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), guaranteeing meticulous and reliable valuations.

Speaking of services, Reliant Surveyors offers a comprehensive suite designed to meet diverse client needs. From valuation services (UAE and India) covering residential and commercial properties, industrial asset and logistics valuations, to specialized assessments of plant and machinery, the firm leaves no stone unturned in delivering bespoke reports created by an Experienced, dedicated, multi-disciplinary team. Additionally, their advisory services span feasibility studies, real estate market strategy, market research, strategic decision-making support, and portfolio optimization, catering to clients seeking informed guidance across various real estate sectors.

What sets Reliant Surveyors apart is their keen understanding of the UAE’s real estate market dynamics. The team harnesses the latest market trends and insights to provide accurate valuations that mirror the ever-evolving nature of this vibrant market. These Independent valuations aren’t just numbers on a report; they serve as invaluable tools empowering clients to make informed decisions, formulate sound strategies, and confidently navigate the complex real estate landscape.

With the end of 2023 on the horizon, investors are encouraged to leverage Reliant Surveyors’ expertise for an end-of-year valuation accounting. The firm’s RERA and RICS approvals, coupled with their extensive experience and commitment to delivering precise and insightful valuations, make them the trusted partner investors need to prepare for the forthcoming year.



End-of-Year 2023 | Valuation of your UAE property or business asset portfolio.